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Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

7 Amazing Remodeling Hacks to Turn a New House Into a Home

bruce BEST DSC_0003

You’ve signed the papers, the movers have come and gone, you’re finally in your new home and it’s time to turn this blank canvas into your personal masterpiece—but where to start?

Transform a new house into your dream home with just one upgrade in each room. The design team at Dale’s Remodeling has put together a list of their top remodeling hacks for every room of the house.

Cornett best living entry DSC_0008 

  1. Stylish Doors in the Living Room

A home’s first impression sets the tone for the rest of the house. Choosing doors and windows that pop with style can quickly change its entire look, inside and out.

turnidge 3c addition BEST DSC_0060

  1. Adjustable Lighting in the Dining Room

Create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion with dramatic layered lighting. Task, ambient and accent fixtures, like beautiful wall sconces, recessed lighting and flexible LED lights will illuminate the most interesting features of your room.


  1. Full Automation in the Home Office

Today’s homes often act as a second office. Update yours with the latest connectivity and security technology. Handy USB ports located next to electrical outlets keeps all your equipment ready for use and a fully automated, wireless Lutron System will keep you seamlessly connected with the cyber world.

Cornett DSC_0044 copy

  1. Built-in Storage in the Bedroom

Don’t let those unusual spaces go to waste. Create extra storage in a room’s nooks and crannies to store seldom used items or build a space for guests to comfortably unpack when visiting.

Hamel 010 copy

  1. Custom Kitchen Cabinets

There’s no better place to transform your new home than its kitchen. Custom storage solutions in pantries, cabinets, and drawers can be designed specifically to your needs, making your busiest room your most efficient, as well.

Armstrong best DSC_0054

  1. Heated Floors and Fixtures in the Bathroom

A cozy home is a well loved home, and you can start that love affair in the bathroom with heated floors and towel racks. Feel like you’re king of the castle the moment you wake up in a warmed bathroom.

Armstrong Storage 018

  1. Specialized Storage in the Entryways

Organization is key for today’s busy families. Keep everyone ready with custom-built storage units at every entryway to handle all the coats, shoes, backpacks and sports equipment your schedule requires.

Curious about upgrading your new home? With only a few simple changes you can take an existing house and turn it into the home of your dreams. Dale’s Remodeling carries products for every room of the house that can be custom fit to provide a fresh look in an existing home. Give us a call and Dale’s team of professional contractors can help you design a plan to tackle each project on your wish list.

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