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Posted by on Mar 24, 2017 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Uncategorized

6 Home Improvement Projects that Earn Energy Incentives

One of the top home improvement goals for many people is improving the overall energy efficiency their homes, but with so many innovative products and government sponsored energy incentives available today getting the project started can seem too complicated and time consuming to take on.

Don’t let the details derail your plans for your next home improvement project. Dale’s Remodeling is on your side and we’ve put together a list of six areas of opportunity for energy efficiency cited by Energy Trust of Oregon, along with a run-down of the Oregon Cash Incentives for Single Family Homes, so you can begin checking them off your list and start reaping the financial benefits.

Cheat Sheet - Windows

1. Windows

As time goes by it’s inevitable that seals around windows will break down, crack and allow air to move in and out uninhibited.

Energy Incentives: If you find that it’s time to replace your windows make sure you choose one with a U-Value of 0.27 for a$4 per square foot incentive, or a U-Value 0.28-0.30 for a $1.75 per square foot incentive.

Energy Incentives

2. Heating

With over a million new homes in the U.S. now using solar panels, this safe and simple source of energy has many homeowners asking if it’s right for them. We conducted our own study on the financial benefits of this personal power grid and found that we were able to save over $850 on our monthly bills in just one year!

Energy Incentives: Based on system size and which power company you use, a homeowner can expect an incentive between $500 to $6000.

Energy Incentives

3. Insulation and Air Sealing

Preventing air leaks is one of the most cost-effective and easiest projects you can do to boost energy efficiency. Check for areas with poor insulation and cracks in the seals around your doors and windows, then seal it up tight.

Energy Incentives: Up to $.50 per square foot for specific areas of your home.

Energy Incentives


4. Water Heating and Treatment

Homeowners rarely think about their hot water heater until it suddenly gives out, but getting ahead of that situation can prevent a difficult situation from happening and save you a few dollars.

Energy Incentives: Tier 2 & 3 tanks offer an incentive of up to $300 and alternative on-site wastewater treatments systems can reap a $400 incentive (check requirements). Even spas and pools carry an incentive!

Home Improvements That Pay Off

5. Lighting

With the beautiful range of LED lighting options, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for a well-functioning light source. Choose Energy Star qualified LED bulbs for long-lasting savings, and layer your light sources for a dramatic look for your room.

Energy Incentives: While there’s no official incentive, switching out your conventional light bulbs for energy efficient LED lights will keep money in your pocket when you won’t have to replace them annually.

Energy Incentives

6. Appliances

Technology has improved the functionality of nearly every household appliance in our homes, and it’s no surprise that they have also been designed with energy efficiency in mind. Next time you’re out shopping for a washing machine or a refrigerator look for brands that carry the Energy Star® label.

Energy Incentives: Oregon has promised a $75 incentive for front-load washing machine models that are 2.5 cu. ft. or larger (other stipulations also apply). And, while not every appliance carries an incentive, look for higher quality products with energy saving options every time you make a purchase and you’ll be saving money on your monthly energy bills.

For more information check out the Energy Trust of Oregon for ideas on how you can improve your home’s efficiency and Oregon Cash Incentives for Single Family Homes for a complete list of the incentives you can earn.

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