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Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles

Top 3 Home Remodeling Budget Myths Debunked (and 1 Truth Explained)

Are you planning a summer remodeling project? Planning, scheduling, and, of course, budgeting questions abound at every step of the process and when you search for answers it’s often hard to tell fact from fiction. Dale’s Remodeling wants to help you get off on the right track by debunking three of the most common myths you might hear as you dig into your home’s next upgrade.

Superior slide 1b

MYTH: All remodeling projects add value to the home.

While upgrades can enhance your living experience, not all will increase your home’s value. For instance, taking out a wall to convert two bedrooms into a larger one will affect its appeal for families who want to “grow” with the house. Instead, you should invest your money in projects that have the most buyer appeal, like a kitchen upgrade or room addition.

Kitchen and Room Addition. Walls removed, opening up 3 spaces into 1

Kitchen and Room Addition. Walls removed, opening up 3 spaces into 1.

MYTH: You’ll save money by doing it yourself. 

While doing it yourself may seem like the ultimate cost savings route, there is always the chance a mistake will blow up your budget. By hiring an experienced professional, your project should be done right the first time, or as our founder, Dale Van Lydgraf has always promised, “on time, on budget, and with a great experience.”

25-26 side by side

MYTH: The return on your investment should guide your decisions when choosing what to remodel.

As tempting as it might be to imagine the money your remodeling project is adding to your home’s value, don’t make decisions based solely on the project’s ROI. Instead, examine the goals of your project. Do you need more storage space, an indoor-outdoor room for entertaining, or maybe a simple repair job has provided a chance to upgrade a heavily used room? Ask questions like this now to avoid years of regret after the project is finished.

couple is considering future remodel ideas

           TRUTH: Plan for the unexpected.

Of course, a good contractor will work with you to make sure as many unknowns as possible are uncovered before beginning the project. Expect the unexpected and be flexible, and rely on a reputable professional to guide you along the way and you’ll end up with a remodel you’ll love.


Even in the snow, Dale’s team arrives on time. Above: Jerry Scott

Since 1978, Dale’s Remodeling has advised Mid-Willamette Valley homeowners with answers to their remodeling questions. For more tips to help you stick to your budgeting goals check out our “Myth v. Fact” Pinterest board, or leave us a comment below and our team of skilled design and construction professionals will help you uncover the right path to reach your remodeling goals.

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