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Posted by on Feb 26, 2018 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Trending Topics

Pros & Cons of Open-Concept Floor Plans

Clients of Dale’s Remodeling across the Salem-Keizer area often come to us with questions about open-concept floor plans. It’s a trend that has become a standard in today’s modern family home, but is it right for your family?

kitchen open floorplan

Dale’s has put together a list of the pros and cons of open-concept floor plans to help in your decision to live the good life in a great room.

open floorplan

One Large Room, Many Cozy Spaces

One of our clients’ biggest concerns with open-concept floor plans is whether it will feel cozy enough for their family.

Pros: Intimate spaces can be achieved in beautiful ways by adding in large features, such as a stone fireplace seen in one of our recent remodels. It adds an invisible barrier around a smaller space without closing it off entirely.

Cons: Don’t be fooled by the feeling of intimacy in these comfortable spaces. Without walls, everything you say and do has the potential to reach the ears of others. Consider adding a few noise canceling materials, like carpet into the space.

Integrating Kitchen Activities

Convenience and togetherness are behind the idea of open-concept living, but with it comes the good and bad of your kitchen activity.

Pros: Having such easy access and visibility into the kitchen allows the cook to come out from behind the stovetop and join in the activities of the family room.

Cons: If you are uncomfortable with putting your cooking wizardry on stage for everyone to witness you may want to incorporate counter space into your plan to separate the kitchen from the rest of the room.

kitchen living

Big Opportunities for Amazing Decorating

An open-concept room is a perfect place to stage large gatherings, but there is a drawback to having such an open area to work with.

Pros: Open-concept rooms are a wonderful canvas for bold decorating choices. Look for large statement pieces, like an eye catching chandelier in the dining area, and you’ll draw people to gather near it.

Cons: Removing walls means limited space to display art, but in return you’ll find a great opportunity to highlight the interesting architectural features of your interior. You can see an example of this in barnwood accent walls that connect the kitchen and dining areas.

kitchen barnwood

Evaluating your personal style and the habits of your family is key to deciding whether an open-concept floor plan is right for you.  With a talented design team like Dale’s Remodeling on your side, you will be able to create just the right space to support all your activities in a room created specifically to fit your lifestyle.

For more information about open-concept floor plans contact Dale’s Remodeling today, or stop in our Commercial Street Showroom to speak with one of our designers.

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