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Posted by on Jun 12, 2015 in Product Info, Remodeling Tips & Articles

Outdoor Rooms Come to Life With Products From Local Suppliers

“A new shipment arrived!

At Dale’s Remodeling an announcement like this spreads fast when it comes from one of our great Mid-Willamette Valley home remodeling suppliers, because that means inspired designs are soon to follow!

Outdoor room

Inspiration can stretch its wings in an outdoor room, where the borders of interior walls are removed and the sky is, literarily, the limit, and by partnering with top of the line local companies Dale’s team of designers have endless inspired possibilities right at their fingertips. Here are a few suppliers we rely on to create the rooms of our clients’ dreams.

outdoor room

Flooring and Trim

Large spaces, like flooring, decks and porches, are difficult and expensive to replace. so our designers rely on Azek Building Products’ line of attractive and durable decking, pavers, and moulding to make your home’s exterior will stand out decade after decade.

Incorporating natural stone, ceramic, metal or glass tiles elevates the look of an outdoor room with low-maintenance statement accents. For an endless supply of options our designers turn to the The Tile Gallery’s wide variety of beautiful, trend setting materials for eye-catching detail.

Dale's RemodelingStylish Stone

Indoor living spaces can easily transition outdoor when the design incorporates natural and acrylic stone from Keystone Granite. Finding just the right piece of easy-to-maintain, unique granite often acts as the basis of inspiration for the rest of the room’s design.

Dale's Remodeling

Outdoor rooms are a great place to incorporate a fireplace for added warmth and charm. Dale’s Remodeling’s turns to Fredlinburg Masonry for their variety of dependable fireplace equipment, confident that the comfort, beauty, and safety for their all products will guarantee warmth and charm for your outdoor room.

Outdoor rooms

Making Your Room Function at Its Best

Kitchens have become a gathering place in today’s modern homes so it’s no surprise that many homeowners are opting to build fully functioning outdoor kitchens. Kelly’s Home Center, our supplier of outdoor appliances, has endless color, size, and shape options to give our designers never ending freedom in creating the rooms that fit your lifestyle.

Outdoor rooms

Defining Your Space

Whether your outdoor room is large or small Dale’s Remodeling can design a space that will keep unwanted noise and pests out with beautiful landscaping features found at the Outdoor Fence Company and Parr Lumber. Whether you choose arbors, railings, or fountains, adding real and imagined borders will provide you with a relaxing setting right in your own backyard.

Dale’s Remodeling’s team of designers are constantly inspired by all the beautiful choices we find at our local home remodeling suppliers. To see examples of our award-winning outdoor rooms we invite you to check out our Dale’s Remodeling’s Houzz page or contact our team of remodeling experts to discuss all the options we can offer in creating the outdoor room of your dreams.

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