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Posted by on Apr 3, 2015 in Product Info, Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles

Organizing Solutions to Make Spring Cleaning More Efficient

The time for spring-cleaning is upon us and with it comes another look at our home’s storage options. For many of us extra space is limited, yet our need for more continually increases. By taking a “thinking outside the box” design approach, your storage spaces will be able to pack more in while keeping frequently used objects right at your fingertips.

Kitchens – In a modern kitchen preparing healthy meals sometimes requires a long list of ingredients that may be out of reach when you need them most. Horizontal and vertical spice racks installed inside drawers keep them within easy reach when you need them but neatly out of sight when you don’t.

Deep cabinets are great to store bulky equipment but can be an obstacle when you’re looking for a particular item. Sliding shelving units made to bring forth your hidden treasures from the those inaccessible corner cabinets will allow you to easily locate the equipment that are needed to complete your recipe.


Meisenheimer slide-detail

Bathrooms  – Taking a cue from the past provides us with new ideas to integrate handy storage space into the walls of our home. Niche shelving and inset cupboards add character to the room and offer a perfect spot for all those small bathroom items that can clutter up counter space. By installing stone facing behind shelves or using updated hardware on the cabinet doors these spaces easily translate into a modern look for your bathroom.

batlan DSC_0031 copy

Mud Rooms – Keeping your entryways clean and safe is a constant challenge in a busy household. Providing ample storage space with designated areas for regularly used items will cut your cleanup time in half. Locker-inspired cabinets in rich woods is a great way to keep the clutter down and prevent  items from accumulating into piles of discarded coats and shoes.

Armstrong Laudry & Mudroom

Spring-cleaning can be a snap when your storage space is well organized, and with so many space-saving options available today, the solutions to your storage challenges are within arm’s reach.

For more ideas on how to incorporate more storage space into your home, visit Dale’s Remodeling’s photo gallery or go to our Houzz website where you can view many of the award-winning projects produced by Dale’s Remodeling.


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