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Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Remodeling Tips & Articles

Living Clean, Green, and Fully Automated with Dale’s Remodeling

Homeowners have spoken, and what we’re hearing is a trend toward houses that are healthy, eco-friendly, and fully automated!

At Dale’s Remodeling our design team is always on the lookout for innovative products that can transform your remodeling project from ordinary, to extraordinary. Recently, we challenged them to find the best in clean, green and fully automated features. Here are just a few of their favorites.

Meagher DSCF0428 copy

Living Clean

Ensuring the safety and well-being of a family is priority number one for today’s homeowners, and with a few simple upgrades you can make your home a healthy haven.

Williams25 copy

Improve your home’s air quality with an automatically adjusting stovetop ventilation system to carry away stale cooking odors, remove allergens, and eliminate excess moisture that can produce dangerous mold.

Kessell AVR05464

Upgrade your defense against dangerous bacteria with a beautiful antimicrobial countertop. With an endless amount of choices in color and style, you’re sure to find one that will be an eye-catching addition to your bathroom or kitchen’s design.

 Davenport a6 copy 

Living Green

LED lighting options have exploded onto the market in recent years! Overhead, recessed, task, and easy-to-stick LED strips are a perfect fit for every type of lighting a home requires.

Dales - Clean, Green, Automated

It’s no secret that solar energy is one of the most eco-friendly power sources on the market today. Last year we conducted our own analysis on the effectiveness of solar energy grids at our Commercial Street Showroom and the results showed a significant reduction in our carbon footprint and a savings of over $850 in just twelve months! Which means it’s not only good for the environment, it’s also great for your pocketbook!

Check out the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s (NARI) website for more information about federal and state tax incentives being offered to homeowners who make the switch to solar energy.

Williams10 copy

Living Fully Automated

Convenience is king in today’s homes, and you’ll feel like royalty when you install an automated, wireless Lutron System in your castle!

Williams4 copy

With the magic of Lutron automation you can greet the morning by opening your window shades from the comfort of your bed.

Blount 2b copy

Or, add another layer of security with multi-layered lighting that you can control from your smart phone or tablet, even if you’re miles from home!

With new products being introduced on the market every day, you may be unaware of new inventions that can transform the way you live. At Dale’s Remodeling we will work with you to find the best products for your home to make it “clean, green, and fully automated!”

Meagher DSCF0428 copy

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