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Posted by on Jun 30, 2017 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Trending Topics

Livin’ Large in a Tiny House


With the freedom and simplicity inherit in a “minimalist” lifestyle, it’s no surprise the popular trend has taken off in a big way throughout Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley. Tiny houses play a significant role in that equation, but who wants to give up the comforts found inside a traditional home?

Downsizing your living arrangements doesn’t mean sacrificing the high-quality products and beautiful design of a modern home. At Dale’s Remodeling, we’re finding that our clients’ most requested features can be easily incorporated into the floorplans of a custom-built tiny house. 


A Tiny House is Not Just a House—It’s a Home

Homeowners want design options that fit their personal style and comfort levels, with all their favorite things within easy access. Natural wood and pops of bright color make this living room comfortable and beautiful. And the custom built shelving surrounding the fireplace provides a great place to show off a rustic pottery collection.


Enough Room For Your Life

Whether you work from home, love to cook, or just need a place to relax; today’s homes fill many roles, no matter what size the house. Comfortable traffic flows, good air ventilation, and innovative storage space provide a nice environment to unwind in a well-organized space.

Photo by Christopher David Experience Design – Browse home office photos

Incorporating hi-tech features, like WiFi connected light and security technologies from Lutron Systems will protect your home, no matter what size home you choose.

Task Spaces That Work Better

Kitchens require built-in efficiency and a place for nearly every tool. Custom-built cabinets, with ample storage and counter space, offer enough room for even the busiest chefs. Our interior designer Becky Olsen has a special knack when it comes to thinking of innovative solutions for efficient use of space.


And, you won’t have to give up the convenience of a laundry room when you downsize your living arrangements! Many EnergyStar© appliances fit nicely into a tiny home’s design.


Romantic and Restful Bedrooms

Create a comfortable haven of rest and relaxation in your tiny home with interesting architectural features. Well-placed windows allow natural light into this room, while layered light sources provide it with just the right amount of ambient, task, and accent lighting.


Tiny houses are the next big step in minimalist living. Rely on a professional design-build remodeler, like Dale’s Remodeling, to ensure that you can live simply and comfortably in the perfect, downsized home for your lifestyle!

Take a look at our “Tiny Houses” Pinterest board for more itsy bitsy inspiration from Dale’s Remodeling.

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