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Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in From Kayla's Desk, Remodeling Tips & Articles

From Kayla’s Desk: Big Thanks to Dale’s Remodeling’s Hard Working Team


Front (left to right): Troy Young, Kayla Van Lydegraf, Kelci Knuth, Malinda Kyle Back: Michael Angell, Gene Fief, Michael Dickenson, Denny Conant, Mark Latham, Dale Van Lydegraf

Just like clockwork, there are many cogs and wheels that go into making a successful business hum. At Dale’s Remodeling our team is just like a smoothly running timepiece, keeping pace, from start to finish, with the many contractors, suppliers and clients involved in each project. They work hard for us in the office and out in the field and I’d like to take this time to thank them for another successful year.

Kelci Knuth and Malinda

Malinda Kyle and Kelci Knuth celebrating her first birthday at Dale’s!

Our administrative team, Manager Malinda Kyle and our Assistant Kelci Knuth, is at the heart of our business, taking care of the accounting and bookkeeping, HR paperwork, communications and much, much more. They always keep the business aspect of Dale’s Remodeling beating steadily along.

Becky Olsen with Kayla Van Lydegraf accepting Best of Mid-Valley Awards

Becky Olsen with Kayla Van Lydegraf accepting Best of the Mid-Valley Awards

Becky Olsen, our Interior Designer is the creative guru for Dale’s Remodeling. She constantly surprises us with her innovative, beautiful designs and we are very proud that the industry has recognized her work with several regional and national awards.


Troy Young and Kayla Van Lydegraf pause for a selfie at the Mid-Valley Home Show


After taking the initiative to paint her office, Maralee Fletchall is enjoying her new work space

When it’s time to get the details of a project nailed down our Remodeling Specialist, Troy Young and his Assistant Maralee Fletchall guide our clients through the process. Troy sets the schedule, handles the estimating and keeps the management of the project on track. Acting as his liaison, Maralee keeps our clients and lead carpenters in the know when surprises come up once the job gets underway. They are a key part of the superior customer service we’re known for throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley.


Michael Dickenson, Denny Conant and Michael Angell enjoying their well-deserved cash prizes on Employee Appreciation Day

The energy needed to run a perfectly timed clock is found in its mainspring. At Dale’s Remodeling that consistently strong momentum is found in our team of carpenters. Denny Conant, Michael Dickenson, Michael Angell, Mark Latham, Troy Fish and assistant Gene Fief take on each new project with endless talent and enthusiasm, powering their way to the final reveal on time and on budget. They use their years of experience and attention to detail to bring our clients’ dreams to life in no time at all!

Thank you for being the great team players you all are!

Kayla Van Lydegraf Vice President of Marketing Dale's Remodeling

Kayla Van Lydegraf
Vice President of Marketing Dale’s Remodeling








Check out this video to see the Dale’s Remodeling team on the job at the recently completed “Downtown Salem Rivers condo Construction.”


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