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Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in From Kayla's Desk, Remodeling Tips & Articles

From Kayla’s Desk: The Little-Wins

Kayla 2013If you are not aware of the voice behind this blog, my name is Kayla VanLyndgraf, I am Dale’s daughter and vice president of marketing for Dale’s Remodeling. In short, I just so happened to find the passion I never knew I had. In-fact, I created this position at the company, bringing on all marketing in-house shortly after starting to work with my father, in 2010. I get to wear many hats in this position. “Marketing” is a broad term and there are many sub-categories, if you will. Well, that all falls to me (and I absolutely love it!)

One very small sliver of which includes actually paying attention to the dozens of industry magazines, websites, blogs, marketing e-mails, newsletters and so on. It is quite important to know what is happening in our industry, new products and services we can be offering, be aware of our competition and so much more.

Yes… I promise I am getting to a point! Just recently I was filtering through dozens of emails for the day, I came across the Qualified Remodeler Magazine newsletter (which issues the Top 500 Remodelers award we’ve received annually for many years), titled “Fall Outdoor Living Spaces.” This caught my attention, as I am always on the lookout for interesting new “stuff” to share with our clients and staff. As I was scrolling through, a photo caught my eye with the header “Building History into Outdoor Living”, it’s one of OUR projects, in a national newsletter! This is when you realize your own true inner-geek. I was so excited, I was on top of the moon! I thought it was so neat to have one of our projects featured in a newsletter sent out across the country.

Outdoor Living Space/ Dual-Level Deck Addition

Outdoor Living Space/ Dual-Level Deck Addition

The historic outdoor living space and dual-level deck addition was recognized  by Oregon Remodelers Association in May for “Exterior Remodel under $100k”.The most unique aspect of this project was building alongside the period of the 1900’s home and maintaining a cohesive design throughout the project. The complete project can be seen here.

All in a day’s work! Just one of the many little wins that help build motivation.

Until next time…

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