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Posted by on Aug 18, 2017 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Trending Topics

Custom-built Bathroom Vanities From the Top Down

Custom-built bathroom vanities

Waking up to a beautiful, well-organized bathroom can set the stage for a great day. Unfortunately, sharing bathroom space can be challenging, but custom-built bathroom vanities can help you keep this busy room nice and tidy.

The designers at Dale’s Remodeling took on the challenge of a shared bathroom and found unexpected ways to increase the efficiency of a communal vanity, starting from the top, down. These are just a few of our favorites.

Custom-built bathroom vanities

Unique Storage at Eye Level

We love the luxurious look of the classic glass shelves in this traditionally styled open cabinet. Stock your loose items in beautiful containers and they’ll be right at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Custom-built bathroom vanities

A more modern look comes with hidden storage inserted into the wall behind the vanity’s mirror. Instead of cumbersome cabinet doors that open out from the wall, this cabinet’s door lifts up for better convenience.

Custom-built bathroom vanities

We all have those unused corners—why not give them a purpose, too. This hidden cabinet pulls out at eye level and is a perfect place for the items you use every day.

Custom-built bathrooms

Open Up Counter Space

Having an ample amount of counter space will keep your frustration level down as your day ramps up. Double vanities are a great option for those families that share bathroom space.

Custom-built bathrooms

You can’t waste even an inch of space in a busy bathroom. Corners are a great way to define boundaries without loosing any precious counter space.

Custom-built bathroom vanities

A double sink divided by a towering column cabinet creates a subliminal line that helps to contain messes and bring peace to a bathroom on busy mornings.

Custom-built bathroom vanities

Foot Level Storage

Take the mystery out of your lower cabinet storage with glass inserts. It’s another chance to display beautiful baskets or canisters and you’ll know exactly where everything is with just one glance.


Keep cumbersome cords at bay with a pull out cabinet made especially for your electrical appliances. Keep brushes and other small items in a narrow drawer built into the top and you’ll feel like you’re being pampered at your favorite salon!

Custom-built bathroom vanities

Under sink storage can be the most crowded, unorganized area in the bathroom. Insert a drawer that allows you to bring items stored in the back forward and you’ll be able to utilize those dark corners, too.


Built-in hampers help to keep the mess under control. They’ll be no more excuses for piles on the floor with this addition! (This type of cabinet is also a great option for hiding an unsightly trashcan.)

Custom-built bathroom vanities

Keep this space neat and tidy every morning with a custom-built bathroom vanity from Dale’s Remodeling. Our designers will work with you to create a beautiful bathroom with the convenience to get on the way to your best day yet!

See more great bathroom ideas on the Dale’s Remodeling’s Houzz project board.

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