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Posted by on Nov 7, 2014 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Trending Topics

Creating a Home That’s Flexible Enough to Decorate for Every Holiday

It’s that time of year again…

For the next two months your home will juggle two important but very different roles as a comfortable place where your family can work, play and relax and a space where cherished traditions and special events will take center stage. It’s a busy season that doesn’t leave much time to decorate for each individual holiday while maintaining busy schedules.

So how can you keep your home comfortable for your family and party ready at the same time?

Dale’s Remodeling recently contacted a few of our favorite Mid-Willamette area interior designers to get fresh ideas on how to prepare a home to be more flexible throughout this busy season.

Front DoorRebecca Olsen of Rebecca Olsen Interior Design, a Best of the Mid-Valley Gold Medal winner for Interior Decorating Services, says easy decorating starts at the front door.

“Add a wreath or garland in fall, then add to it for each holiday, such as miniature pumpkins for Thanksgiving, colorful lights at Christmas,” says Rebecca.”The front door sets the stage for celebration as guests arrive.”

Kendra Porter of Chrysalis Interiors recommends creating flexibility within your decor, using lots of decorative greenery and branches as a base, then adding in the DRI floral arrangementcolors and unique pieces that coordinate with each holiday.

“Around Christmas, add a fresh cedar bough to the dinner table or surround a vase with cut juniper,” says Kendra.

“That will provide a lovely holiday fragrance without the maintenance of having to keep greenery watered for several weeks.”

mixed herbs juniper berry, rosemary






Finish off this flexible style with the soft glow of extra lighting. Find two places in the room to add candles or a small lamp to add a warmth that exemplifies traditionally settings.

Paul Willetts of Paul G. Willetts Design and Drafting suggests the end of the year is ideal for early spring cleaning. Putting Woman with clothes donationaway excess knick-knacks and clutter to allow space for decorating, and accommodating guests’ coats and luggage can reduce the time it takes to prepare for the busy holiday entertaining season and make it more inviting for your overnight guests. And getting into the giving spirit can begin early, as well, by donating the extra toys, bedding and warm clothing to local shelters and those in need.

“De-cluttering will reduce the stress holidays can have on some of us, including clean freaks like myself, ” says Paul.

Do you have any tricks to prepare your home for the season? We’d love to hear what works for you and how your family’s traditions are featured in your holiday decor.

Flexibility in design can play a part in every aspect of your home, from the decor and placement of furniture, to the very walls that define your interior space. If you are considering creating more flexibility in your home or business contact Dale’s design team to discuss the many remodeling options available.

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