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Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Trending Topics

Add Safety and Style to Your Home with Exterior Lighting

Winterizing your home typically implies making sure it is well sealed and all the rooftop gutters are clear. These are important tasks, to be sure, but have you considered taking a second look at your home’s exterior lighting?

Exterior Lighting

Dale’s Remodeling’s design team suggests providing ample lighting along pathways, inside porches, and over driveways and decks. There is a large selection of beautiful exterior lighting products available today that will increase your home’s safety level, while also enhancing its curb appeal.


Stylish Safety

Keeping walkways clear and accessible should be your top priority when installing exterior lights. Installing different types of light features strategically along the path to your entryway can ensure safe passage for everyone who comes to your front door.

Use the lines of your walkway and the natural features of your yard to guide you in the type and placement of your lighting. Think about the areas that could be potential safety hazards and focus brighter light sources on those spots.

outdoor lighting

Layered Lighting

Applying the design concept of layered lighting to the exterior of your home offers endless possibilities to create a dramatic look. Highlight interesting architectural features, like pillars, gates and unique rooflines to draw the eye to those elements, while at the same time illuminating dark corners and commonly used paths leading to your front door.

Begin by finding your home’s most interesting feature and its most commonly used spaces to base your design around. Add ambient, task and accent light to fill in dark areas and you’ll create a beautiful, dramatic look for your home.

Exterior Lighting


LED Lighting

New lighting technologies, like long-lasting, low energy LED lights, have provided designers with an endless number of possibilities to reimagine the way light is used on a home’s exterior. LED lights come in modern and traditional styles, as well as several colors, so there’s no end to the possibilities.

Incorporate LED strip lighting to the long lines you find around your property. Railing, rooflines and paved walkways come alive with light, adding dimension and depth to your home’s architecture. 


Exterior Lighting

Adding exterior lighting to your home is a beautiful way to provide you and your guests a safe and warm welcome during the dark days of winter. For more exterior lighting ideas check out our Houzz board, or contact Dale’s Remodeling to discuss the many exterior lighting options that can be incorporated into your home’s design.

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