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Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 in Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles

7 Best Hacks for Your Busy Bathrooms

Early mornings, game days, and formal events; the busiest months of the year have arrived and everyone is on the run. If you find your family’s schedule is hitting a snag, don’t delay! Streamline your morning routine by incorporating these seven helpful features our Dale’s Remodeling designers rely on for busy bathrooms.



1. Vanities with dual sinks

Don’t loose your morning momentum waiting to share a sink. Rethink your floorplan to incorporate a double sink bathroom vanity and everyone will have a chance to look their best.


2. Heated towel racks

Keep the bathroom, and laundry room, smelling fresh by drying wet towels on a warming rack before tossing them in the wash. It’ll cut down on harmful mold and mildew that can easily take hold in a bathroom.


3. Hi-tech ventilation systems

Clear the air faster with a next-gen ventilation system. Automated with multiple speeds and humidity and motion detectors, they will begin to work before you even know they need to.


4. Multiple showerheads

Luxury and practicality join forces when you step into a shower that has multiple showerheads. Different types produce different water streams to help you speed up the time to get clean.


5. Doorless showers

Make cleanup easy by adding a doorless shower. It opens the space and eliminates the tight corners and intricate parts that can become bacteria breeding grounds.

Garret 2

6. Dedicated storage

A cluttered bathroom is an inefficient bathroom. Cut out time searching for the things you need with custom storage dedicated to all the little things you’ll need in the morning.

Teghtmeyer bath

7. Right lighting

Looking your best is important and with the right lighting you won’t have to second guess yourself as you walk out the door. Install easy to reach task lighting or add a window or skylight for a natural light source.

You’ll be ready, refreshed and ahead of schedule when you incorporate Dale’s Remodeling’s favorite busy bathroom features into your design. Stop by our Commercial St. showroom in Salem today to see all the great options we have for your bathroom remodel.

Do you find yourself in a rush in the morning? Tell us your favorite “busy bathroom” solutions in the comment section below.

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