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Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Product Info, Remodeling Tips & Articles

Looking Ahead to 2015 with Dale’s Remodeling in Willamette Living Magazine

Fall is just around the corner and as homeowners begin to winterize their houses they are also planning the upgrades they want to incorporate into their homes in 2015. Willamette Living Magazine  recently contacted us at Dale’s Remodeling to find out what are our customers’ most requested upgrades and there’s no doubt about it—our clients want homes that are cost efficient and highly functional.

Dale's Remodeling


Peoples’ lives are busy, so it’s no surprise that convenience  leads the way in our clients’ remodeling decisions. Features addressing the specific needs of each room will be expected in modern homes, and with easy-to-use touchless access to utilities and USB charging stations installed throughout, homeowners will be able carry out their daily routines more efficiently than ever before.

Dale's Remodeling

Upgrading with Innovative Products
New innovations in building products are helping to reshape our ideas of how we care for our homes. Products with longer life spans and lower maintenance  requirements allows Dale’s clients to cut back on the time spent maintaining their homes so they have more time to enjoy the beautiful details of these new products, such as touchless faucets and layered lighting.

Dale's Remodeling

 Design Tastes
Personal style choices are still key in bringing out the character of your home and in 2015 the range of choices is endless. Incorporating statement features into everything from the smallest detail to large structural elements will redefine the look of your home with simple changes that reflect your personal tastes without inflating your remodeling budget.

From cost efficient  to purely aesthetic choices, Dales Remodeling’s clients are embracing new ways to accommodate the changes in their lives. With products that provide them with the functionality  they require and the beauty every homeowner desires, they’ll enjoy homes that are ready to move into a modern era with grace and ease. To find out what the top most requested trends are we invite you to read our article, “Seven Sizzling Remodeling Trends for 2015″ published in Willamette Living Magazine.

A sneak peak into Seven Sizzling Trends

  1. Wall Accents
  2. Decorative Hardware
  3. Touchless Faucets
  4. Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
  5. Deck Pavers
  6. USB Charging Stations

Are you planning any upgrades for your home in 2015? Dale’s Remodeling would love to hear what trends you’re planning to incorporate into your living spaces next year.

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