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Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in Remodeling Tips & Articles

6 Floor Plans for a Perfectly Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Every homeowner has their own dream of a modern kitchen, but included in each design are three key elements—beauty, safety, and functionality.

No matter the shape or size of your room, working with a design-build remodeling team like Dale’s Remodeling will incorporate all these fundamentals into your kitchen. Check out these six common floor plan to see how Dale’s design team can create a beautiful, efficient, and perfectly modern kitchen for you!

Modern Kitchen

  1. Horseshoe

One of the most common kitchen designs is based on the “work triangle” floor plan, where the stovetop, sink, and refrigerator are placed evenly around a four-corner room. This plan provides ample counter space and multiple storage options where cabinet inserts will allow you to reach those far, dark corners.

Modern Kitchen

  1. L-Shaped

Kitchens that feature several corners can be a design challenge, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty for function. Create a cohesive look with stylish cabinets, streamlined appliances, and floors that accentuate the length of the room for a well-organized and beautiful kitchen.

Modern Kitchen

  1. Galley

Galley kitchens are great for homes that don’t offer much space for your food prep activities. Long countertops and easily accessible custom built cabinets running the length of room puts everything you need within arms reach.

Modern Kitchen

  1. Peninsula Kitchens

Expand the limits of your kitchen with a countertop that extends the borders of your room. Give it a purpose by installing a mini wine refrigerator under the counter, or drop it down a few inches for a universal design that accommodates those with physical limitations.

Modern Kitchen

  1. One-Wall

Great rooms are a cozy way to keep everyone together during dinner prep and they provide an optimal setting for parties, but oftentimes those open spaces allow for only one wall for all your kitchen activities. Add more workspace to your kitchen with a bar for eating, buffet staging, and the informal conversations that happen naturally in the heart of a home.

Modern Kitchen

  1. Kitchens with Islands

If your counter space is limited but your floor space is not, a beautifully crafted island may be an option for you. Installing a sink or stovetop as part of a custom built island provides additional workspace and a beautiful focal point for your kitchen.

With our comprehensive design-build approach, Dale’s Remodeling will help you bring function, safety, and beauty to the modern kitchen of your dreams. Give us a call to discuss what options your kitchen can offer, and let us know what you want to see in your updated, modern kitchen in the comments below.

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