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Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles

3 Simple Steps to A Beautiful Bathroom Vanity

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly used rooms in a home, so it is no surprise they are also often found at the top of homeowners’ “most likely to be remodeled” lists. But beginning a remodeling project for such a multi-purpose room can be intimidating. To help you get started, Dale’s Remodeling has created a planning guide specifically for bathrooms that will help you create a design in only three simple steps.

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Step One: Lighting and Mirrors

Start from the top down with layered lighting that can adjust to fit every hour of your day.

best DSC_0092 copy2


Wake up to ambient light from a beautiful pendant or chandelier, then compliment it with unique wall sconces for task lighting that will help you get ready before you head out the door. Finally, at the end of your day you’ll want to relax under the glow of soft accent lighting placed in cornices or behind mirrors. Dale’s Remodeling’s vendors have great selections of light fixtures, like The Lighting Gallery and Kelly’s Lighting, which can be matched in different ways to create just the right look.


Step Two: Sinks and Countertops

Gone are the days of the uninspired basins; today’s sinks have characters all their own. Vessels, troughs and beautifully sculptured shapes will update the look of your bathroom and elevate the room’s entire appearance.



Hall Bath


Pair your new sink with a countertop designed for a high functioning, low maintenance workspace. There are so many selections on the market today in porcelain, wood, tiles; and beautiful stone, like granite or quartz. Don’t worry, Dale’s design team can locate the best material to use for your lifestyle.

Step Three: Vanities

The vanity may be your last step in the design process, but it has the potential to have the largest impact on the functionality of your new bathroom. Floor space, user requirements, and storage needs should all be addressed when you’re picking out a new vanity.

Garret 2

Maybe a cute pedestal for a half bath, or a master bath’s wall-to-wall vanity with lots of storage space is required. Or, you may choose a custom made vanity created by one of Dale’s Remodeling talented contractors, such as The Cabinetmakers Shoppe. Our design team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece.


A beautifully designed bathroom increases the value of your home and provides a peaceful place to begin and end your day. Work from the top down to create a space that will serve you throughout your day by focusing on these three design steps and you’ll soon find yourself in a bathroom you love.

For more bathroom ideas, take a look at Dale’s Remodeling’s Houzz Ideabook, “Three Steps to A Great Bathroom,” where you’ll find many more examples of beautiful bathrooms to spark your imagination. Then leave us a note to tell us what you think of the combinations we’ve found.


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