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Posted by on Sep 1, 2017 in Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles

3 Great Kitchen Ideas (and 1 Bad Idea)

kitchen remodel

Beauty and functionality are at the top of every homeowner’s wish list for their kitchen remodel, but what that means for each client can vary greatly. That’s why we make it a priority at Dale’s Remodeling to always be well equipped with great ideas that we can incorporate into each new project.

We recently polled the Dale’s Remodeling team to find out what three ideas they feel are the best new design options kitchen remodels, and the one idea you should absolutely avoid.

kitchen remodel salem oregon

  1. Custom Storage Solutions

It’s no surprise that better storage solutions won the top spot in our poll!

Custom-built storage provides a kitchen with both the efficiency and convenience homeowners are looking for in their kitchens. Great designers, like our own Becky Olsen, look for unused spaces with great potential for specialized storage options. Likewise, our contractors are creative when it comes to the latest designs that will provide access inside tight or unusual cabinets.

Kitchen remodel

       2.  Office Space

Number two in our polling results is a dedicated space for the business of the house.

Watching over kids while they do homework, working on projects, and paying bills has become a regular kitchen activity and require a workspace of their own.

A custom-built desk with a file cabinet, message board and LED task lighting is perfect for organizing all the activities of a household.

       3.  Wine Storage

When you live in the Willamette Valley your love of great wine should be on full display, and that’s why a little luxury popped up in our poll, too!

Whether you choose an enclosed, temperature controlled refrigerator or an open wine rack like the one we’ve built in a recent kitchen remodel, the addition of dedicated wine storage should include enough room to keep all your favorite Willamette Valley vintages on-hand and ready for guests.

Kitchen remodel

Image from Houzz kitchen ideas.

What Not to Do: Aggressive Décor

Cosmetics count, too, and the least liked kitchen trend that our team suggests you stay far away from is combining too many aggressive decorative elements in such a busy room.

Bring calm to your home with complimentary colors that can easily transition as the years go by. Strong competing colors or contrasting treatments might be trending at times, but as most trends eventually fade out you may find yourself wanting a more neutral look.

Kitchen remodel

Dale’s Remodeling knows each kitchen remodel should be as unique as its homeowner, and with so many great options to choose from there is no doubt your top kitchen features can be incorporated into your project. Dale’s team can help you find just the right products to renovate your kitchen and make it your number one favorite room in the house! 

What is your favorite kitchen feature? Check out the Dale’s Remodeling Pinterest board and let us know what you like most in the comments below.

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