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Posted by on May 1, 2016 in Our News, Trending Topics

The She Shed Dream-Shed Project

Dale’s Remodeling’s latest community project is a trio of the trending She Sheds, a benefit for our local pet shelter Willamette Humane Society, and investing in our youth with the students at CTEC Career Technical Education Center = She Sheds for a Cause!

 dales  WHS_1  CTEC


Preliminary sketch by Becky Olsen, Interior Designer

Preliminary sketch by Becky Olsen, Interior Designer


The woman’s alternative to the man cave, where ladies can escape from it all in their own backyard. A compact space that can be styled into a home office, craft space, reading nook, yoga studio or whatever her heart desires. All just a few steps from home!
Bid on the She Shed

She Shed Exterior

WHERE IS THE ROOF? To ensure safe/proper installation, the roof, gable window, scalloped trim and insulation will be installed upon delivery. See FAQ below for more details.

She Shed Window

Custom-Made Shutters and Window Planter Boxes

Dutch Door with Latch and Lock

Dutch Door with Latch and Lock

Luxury vinyl plank flooring. Insulation to be installed upon delivery.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring. Insulation to be installed upon delivery.


Together with students from CTEC we have built the latest in backyard luxury. This luxurious 8′ x 12′ She Shed retreat features a black shingle roof, scalloped trim, shutters, planter boxes on two slider windows, gable window, a cute dutch door, and is painted gray and white with magenta accents. The interior is semi-finished with luxury vinyl plank herringbone flooring and is fully insulated. The only thing left will be the final touches to turn this She Shed into your Dream Shed!

The She Shed will be auctioned off in June, all proceeds will benefit CTEC and Willamette Humane Society.

See photo and video updates below of how the She Shed came together from start to finish.


Online auction will be open June 12-26, 2016. See the She Shed up close and personal:

JUNE 18 – 26: HBA Tour of Homes  –  4809 Mehama Loop NE – Salem, OR Weekends: 12pm-6pm & Weekdays: 6pm-9pm

Bid on the She Shed

Need a boost of She Shed inspiration? Check out our She Sheds Pinterest Board and Houzz “She Sheds” Ideabook



Our commitment to invest in our youth and our industry encouraged the project. Designed by Dale’s Remodeling and Interior Designer Becky Olsen, we wanted to give CTEC students the learning opportunity to build it, which they get school credits for. The craftsmen and craftswomen at CTEC constructed the shed from the ground up with the guidance of head shop instructor, Alex Olsen. Thanks to strong community relationships, this project would not have been possible without the generous donations from local businesses and suppliers.


Where is the Roof?

Due to height clearance restrictions, the roof had to be left off for transport and while on display. The roof will be assembled and installed upon delivery.

How much space is required to fit it into my yard?

The shed is 8’x12’. The unit is modular. It can break down for entry into a fenced yard. The walls can be disassembled which would need 3’ feet of clearance (typical backyard gate). If delivered in one piece, it needs 10’ feet of clearance.

Is delivery included?

Delivery is included within a 30 mile radius of Dale’s Remodeling in Salem. Delivery outside that radius will be negotiated.

When can I take possession of the shed?

Buyer must be able to take possession of the shed on June 27, 2016.

How much setup is required to place the shed?

Buyer is responsible for providing a clear and open access for delivery. No bushes, trees, brush, clutter etc. Resident must be able to provide a LEVEL placement for the shed such as gravel, pads, concrete etc.

Why does the shed look different in person than what is described?

To assure proper installation, some items must be completed upon delivery to avoid damage during transport. Prior to delivery the shed will include: 2 slider windows, dutch door, shutters, window planter boxes, luxury vinyl flooring, exterior painted gray and white with magenta accents and a temporary roof that will be replaced upon delivery.

Is there any assembly required after I take possession?

Because the structure was built off-site and will be moved, some “features” must be installed/completed after the shed reaches it’s final resting place. Dale’s Remodeling will provide the following upon delivery: Rafters (A-frame roof) and install roof. Install round gable window. Install insulation and wall covering.

Am I responsible for finishing anything in the shed after I take possession?

The goal was to create a custom, stylish exterior and semi-finished interior to create a diverse structure so that the new owner can easily customize it into a space to fit YOUR wants and needs. Interior is semi-finished with luxury vinyl flooring, fully insulated with wall covering (no drywall).  All that’s left is transforming our She Shed into your Dream Shed with whatever design and decor that suits you! Electrical hard-wiring is not included.


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