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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Our News

Party Mart Keizer

Complete Demo and Build Project by Dale’s Remodeling

Doug Gray, owner of our local Party Mart and Dale Van Lydegraf, owner of Dale’s Remodeling, have recently joined forces to bring a new building and new business to

Over the past year, many have watched with wonder as the home turned business that had occupied the corner of River Rd and Evans St in Keizer was torn down and replaced with a new structure. Passersby wondered what would occupy the space until signs went up towards the end of last year unveiling the fact that Party Mart would soon be joining the Keizer landscape. What folks didn’t see was the story of community that was behind this project from its inception.

Party Mart Pro shot BEST

Commercial Construction by Dale’s Remodeling Salem, Oregon




Doug and Dale are both native Salemites with an eye for keeping things local. When the opportunity first presented itself to Doug to open a retail outlet in Keizer, he approached Dale about a lease/purchase agreement on the property, but as conversations continued it seemed more feasible to make this a purchase/build project. As the economy was deep in its downturn, it was difficult to find funding for the project. It was then that they each returned to their own local financial institutions and with the help of a Small Business Association 5-4-1 loan and funding from Key Bank they were able to secure funding for the project.

Dale, who is best known in the area for home remodeling, joined forces with Lonny Deffenbaugh of the architectural firm, Deffenbaugh and Associates to design the commercial venture. Contractors, vendors and suppliers were also local; creating new jobs and partnerships throughout the construction process that resulted in a new business that will continue to add new jobs and opportunities to the community. As the old building was demolished to make way for the new 6,000sf structure, contractors were able to save and recycle close to 90 percent of the previous building. ” Those of us at Dale’s Remodeling are proud to have been part of this tremendous community building project. We wish Doug many years of success in this new venture.

This article was originally printed at SEDCOR Download PDF here

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