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Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Our News

Kayla VanLydegraf, VP win’s “40 under 40” award

IMG_5181Kayla Van Lydegraf, VP of Dale’s Remodeling, nationally recognized by Professional Remodeler magazine as one of 2016’s top “40 Under 40” industry professional 
Second-generation remodeler has doubled repeat and referral business in just five years

Published in Salem Business Journal

Kayla Van Lydegraf, vice president of Dale’s Remodeling of Salem, has been named by Professional Remodeler magazine as one of the 2016 “40 Under 40” remodeling professionals in the U.S. The publication considered hundreds of candidates, and announced its selection this week.  At just 29 years old, Ms. Van Lydegraf is one of the youngest professionals chosen for the honor this year.

Professional Remodeler’s 40 Under 40 award honors forty of the best people the remodeling industry has to offer. Past winners include a fair share of company owners, but also designers, salespeople, project managers, carpenters, office managers—anyone who has demonstrated an ability to bring innovation and positive change to the remodeling industry.

“We had exceptional contenders this year, and a lot of very strong professionals didn’t make it. Winning a spot in such a tight competition is a real achievement,” says Erika Taylor of Professional Remodeler.

Ms. Van Lydegraf and her father, Dale, who started the remodeling company in 1978, attended the 40 Under 40 ceremony, which took place April 13-15 in Dallas, Texas.

Second generation remodeling business


Kayla and Dale attending 40 Under 40 awards ceremony in Dallas, TX

What brought Ms. Van Lydegraf to the attention of the judges is that Dale’s Remodeling is transitioning from a traditional, boomer-aged, male-owned remodeling firm to a Millennial-aged, female-run company.

“Since stepping into the family business in 2010, we’ve grown from father and daughter into a partnership in the company, operating the business side-by-side,” said Ms. Van Lydegraf. “We’re working together to reinvent the future of Dale’s Remodeling by continually improving processes and an overall client experience.”

Part of that reinvention can be seen in the marketing, which she brought in-house, with the goals of updating marketing strategies, from paid advertising and content marketing to reaching more clients and increasing profitability.

Relying on her natural creativity, she developed a strategic marketing initiative from the ground up including new branding, messaging, public relations, digital platforms and blogging. The new process has recouped over 70% in costs and doubled the company’s repeat and referral business.

Though her expertise lies in marketing, Ms. Van Lydegraf invests her time “working on the business” through monthly business management coaching as she steps in as the new face of Dale’s Remodeling.

“As any young female in a male-dominated industry, it takes perseverance to win the respect of peers,” she said. “And many believe working for a parent is the easy, fast-track way to leadership in a company. But I’ve worked very hard to achieve our company’s vision and goals – after all, I’ve got big shoes to fill!”
Multiple awards and industry recognition

Dale’s Remodeling and Ms. Van Lydegraf have had an eventful year so far. In February, she was elected as the Salem Director position on the board of directors of the Oregon Remodeler’s Association (ORA), a chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Since she entered the business, the company has won more awards than at any other time in its history. Just in the last few months, Dale’s Remodeling has been honored several times by the industry trade associations, including the Oregon Remodeling Association for best Residential Kitchen Remodel, and by NARI as 2015 Contractor of the Year.

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