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Our Design-Build process is what sets us apart from all the other remodeling contractors. We are a ‘one stop shop’ here to help you with the design of your project and see it through to production. Our experienced designers will work with you one on one to perfect your project down to every last detail.



Design Phase

  1. Brainstorming and definitions with our designer and project team
  2. Budget review and design parameters
  3. Establish specifications
  4. Preliminary designs and budget review
  5. Design finalized and building documents determined
  1. Material selections – this may be done in our showroom and/or with the designer off-site
  2. Final specifications
  3. Project Proposal and Contract



  1. Building permits if needed
  2. Continuous analysis of process and adjustments as necessary

The remodeling and design process can be lengthy and detailed, however it does not need to be a chore! It can be a fun and creative process, allow yourself to enjoy the process and trust that we, the professionals will make sure that everything goes according to planned!

Becky3small1Meet the Designer

Becky Olsen is our experienced, creative and very lovable designer and decorator! Since graduating from Oregon State with her Design Degree, she has worked in many different aspects of design ever since. She is very devoted to working closely with her customers, making sure their budget matches their wants and needs. She firmly believes that each project is a reflection of the client and their individual living style, making her a perfect fit with the Dale’s Remodeling team. Becky’s experience and knowledge gives her a great eye when making product selections, color selections, and decorating. 

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