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Welcome to our blog! Join us here for the latest and greatest remodeling tips brought to you straight from the experts.

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5 Pet Friendly Design Ideas Every Pet Owner Should Know

Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Trending Topics | 0 comments

Photo by A. Perry Homes – Look for laundry room pictures   A home for the modern pet. With nearly 80 million families sharing their home with a dog or cat, pet ownership in America is at an all-time high. Of course, those relationships bring with them a few adjustments needed to accommodate our very special, furry family members, so why not include them in your remodeling plans and design with your pet in mind? We’ve put together a list of the rooms most used by the family pet and, with only a few additions to your overall...

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3 Simple Steps to A Beautiful Bathroom Vanity

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles | 0 comments

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly used rooms in a home, so it is no surprise they are also often found at the top of homeowners’ “most likely to be remodeled” lists. But beginning a remodeling project for such a multi-purpose room can be intimidating. To help you get started, Dale’s Remodeling has created a planning guide specifically for bathrooms that will help you create a design in only three simple steps. Step One: Lighting and Mirrors Start from the top down with layered lighting that can adjust to fit every hour of your...

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From Kayla’s Desk: Why Do We Love Working in Oregon? Let Me Count the Ways!

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in From Kayla's Desk, Remodeling Tips & Articles | 0 comments

Sure, there are days when the rain is relentless and for some reason the job becomes difficult, but everyone at Dale’s Remodeling agrees there is no better place to work than in our own beautiful state of Oregon. I asked everyone in the office why they love remodeling in our home state and found three reasons that topped all our lists. Working with talented local craftspeople When our designers sit down with a new remodeling client at the beginning of Dale’s “Seven Step Process” our first task is always to discuss the goals of...

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Kayla Van Lydegraf Joins ORA Board as Salem Director

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Remodeling Tips & Articles | 0 comments

*See article published in The Oregonian One of Dale’s Remodeling’s core values is to be active as an industry leader. Opportunities to gain knowledge through sponsored events and networking with professional remodelers keeps our skills sharp and our designs fresh and exciting. That’s why we are so proud of Dale’s Remodeling’s vice president, Kayla Van Lydegraf, for her appointment to the Oregon Remodeler’s Association (ORA) board of directors as Salem Director! This is a second-generation leadership role for Dale’s Remodeling, as...

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Q&A: What to Know Before Remodeling

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles | 1 comment

Lot restrictions? Seamless design? Overbuilding? Permits, permits, permits! “What to Know Before Adding Onto Your Home” – Q&A with Remodeling Specialist, Troy Young.

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From Kayla’s Desk: The Heated Floor Debate Rages On

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in From Kayla's Desk, Product Info, Remodeling Tips & Articles | 0 comments

Custom Built Mantels

This is the time of year when every day I find myself checking the thermostat and stepping carefully over puddles. Snow, rain and cold weather follow everywhere I go, making me aware of every draft and cold spot in a room and causing me to wonder why isn’t heated flooring a more popular heating source for homes in the Mid-Willamette Valley? It’s a topic debated at Dale’s Remodeling and one I’d like to explore with you. A Radiant Floor System Primer Designed to work with heat’s natural path, subfloor radiant heat is the most...

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Protect Your Home Before, During and After a Flood

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Remodeling Tips, Remodeling Tips & Articles | 0 comments

It’s been a wet month. Every day heavy rain continues to change the Mid-Willamette Valley’s landscape, threatening our homes and property. Take back control with Dale’s Remodeling’s list of recommended actions to take before, during, and after a flood. Before the Flood The best protection against flooding is prevention, and that begins by assessing the vulnerable points of your home. Raise buildings for the best protection. Stop floodwater in the yard with floodwalls, levees, French Drains or a flood sensor. Install raised platforms,...

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What’s on Your Home Remodeling Wish List?

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in Remodeling Tips & Articles, Trending Topics | 0 comments

Home renovation projects are usually part of every homeowner’s wish list, but where to start? From a total renovation, to mundane upgrades, you can whittle down that list quite a bit over the next twelve months if you take it room by room. Here are the top five remodeling projects Dale’s Remodeling’s clients want to tackle each year. Bathrooms Topping most homeowners’ remodeling lists are updates to their bathrooms, one of the most frequently used rooms of the house. With the goal of creating more storage space and updating the look...

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Preparing Your Home for Winter the Easy Way with Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015 in Product Info, Remodeling Tips & Articles | 0 comments

If the heavy rain that’s dropped on the Mid-Willamette Valley in the past few weeks is any indication, there’s a good chance we may be blessed with a white Christmas this year. At the very least, we’ll probably have a wet one. So, if your holiday decorating plans include installing outdoor lighting on your home you’ll want to keep safety in mind as you crawl up ladders and run cables along high gables and around trees. Most importantly, you’ll want to evaluate the way you power those beautiful displays so that you can rest easy and...

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Frame Your Fire with A Custom-Made Fireplace

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in Product Info, Remodeling Tips & Articles | 0 comments

Fall has finally arrived in the Mid-Willamette Valley! Fog draped mornings, colorful leaves and the scent of wood smoke in the air has us daydreaming about snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with a cup of warm apple cider. If you find yourself fantasizing about spending time in the warm embrace of a fire why not make it happen by co-designing a one of a kind, custom-made fireplace with a designer from Dale’s Remodeling? Our showroom features the latest in beautiful, high-quality materials that will spark your artistic talents and help...

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